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Updated: Mar 1


"L'inconscient sait, le corps sent. Le mental est souvent trop occupé pour percevoir cette sagesse. C'est là que la délicatesse de Nicoletta et l'extrême sensibilité de ses cinq chevaux font toute la différence : les équidés offrent un miroir à l'âme tandis que l'intuition bienveillante de Nicoletta guide l'exploration et l'intégration des messages reçus. Une expérience tout en douceur, d'une richesse infinie, pour danser avec la vie de manière plus intentionnelle, plus consciente". [Ingrid H, 2024]


I heard about the classes from a colleague at work and decided to give it a try. I felt welcome and safe. The facilitator was professional and really human and kind. I learned to trust the horses that I did not know before. I was a bit afraid at first but the horses are very gentle and nice, great lessons for my life. I feel happy and I discovered I can trust myself again. Thank you [Janine, 2022]


Hello, Thank you to the facilitator and to the horses. I feel I have progressed so quickly in just 5 sessions. After a burn out a couple of years ago I felt I was on the verge of another burnout. I felt stretched and tired and frustrated. I was unable to stop in a spiral of overwork. The horses taught me how to put boundaries and how to keep them in a respectful way. I am coming back for more [Teresa, August 2019]


I took my father to a one-day session. It was my present for his birthday. We had a lot of fun and we bonded even more closely, playing with the horses. Nice place, nice horses, nice teacher. Next time I am taking my sister. Thank you! [Esther and Leo, September 2019]


I brought my teenage daughter to La Via del Cavallo after hearing from a friend that they were accepting kids. My daughter is very shy and she was bullied at school last year [...]. She is learning to stand up for herself. The horses help her a lot and she is always impatient to go and play with them. The facilitator is very patient and very careful with safety. I am grateful. [T.M., September 2019]


We are a small team working in web design and we decided to have a day out in the countryside and we contacted the Via del Cavallo to organise a day for us. It was absolutely great! The food, the horses, the teacher: all great. We had fun and we learned a lot about ourselves and each other. The best part is that we communicate better now: the horses helped us reach more clarity. [Tim &Team, October 2019]

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