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Our mission and activities

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

With my Horses, by La Via del Cavallo, is devoted to connecting and bridging different equestrian- and non equestrian traditions and teachings to enhance learning and awareness. The aim of the project is to provide space for exchanging experiences and learning in a safe, respectful environment. We know that close to nature, individuals are more easily in touch with their inner self. They can express themselves more spontaneously and address issues and blocks in a relaxed, gentle, serene and playful way. Horses help people to reach better grounding, more self awareness, an enhanced expression of emotions and clearer communication.

Create, connect and grow is our motto. We believe in the creative potential of the inner self, in connecting with others and nature, in growing to lead more fulfilled lives.

Our activities:

With my horses, by La Via del Cavallo, we offer lectures and individual and group sessions with a limited number of participants. The workshops focus on different themes: mindfulness, communication, trust, efficiency, self confidence, creativity and focus, how to improve the relationship towards self and others, leadership, among others. Only a contribution to horses and stable expenses is required.

For whom? the sessions are for individuals and groups who want to achieve effective results and are ready to improve their response mechanisms, building on their inner strengths, facing and overcoming (usually self imposed) blockages and limitations. The workshops consist of: a little theory, lots of hands-on practice, fun exercises, space to integrate and relax in a great, rural environment, in the company of horses.

No previous experience with horses is necessary as only ground work is envisaged in a safe space.


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