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La Via del Cavallo

A cross-disciplinary, non-profit project aimed at improving individuals, organisations and local communities by learning in the company of horses

Un projet interdisciplinaire, sans but lucratif, avec l’objectif de faire progresser les individus, les organisations et les communautés locales grâce à l’apprentissage en compagnie des chevaux

(licensed under/licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Girl and Horse
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Horses and Art

Horses and artistic expression can become powerful means to help heal and rehabilitate. Horses invite us to live in the now and help...

Fun facts

Le saviez vous ? Les chevaux continuent à nous surprendre et fasciner par leurs caractéristiques et comportements uniques. Voici quelques...

Keep it gentle

Gentleness may be mistaken for weakness and fragility in these competitive and often power-driven times. Apart from the fact that there...

Notre philosophie et nos activités

With My Horses est le projet de l’association sans but lucratif Trails&Art Collective, entre autres, vouée à promovouir l'apprentissage,...

Nos prochains ateliers

Voici les dates des ateliers : "En compagnie des chevaux" (maximum 6 participants) 9 mars, 20 avril, 18 mai, 8 juin et 13 juillet (plus...

Time for self care

We all have the source of healing in ourselves: sometimes we need external help to quick start the process, sometimes when we feel pulled...

Life happens in the now: take a pause

Carpe diem: "grasp the day", because "now" is all we can truly experience We can plan and dream and think about fond memories or...

Non-doing: the necessity of Wu wei

".. a state of being in which our actions flow in alignment with the cycles of nature.... “going with the flow” in ease and mindfulness"

Leading in awareness

Horses help us become better leaders: in our personal, family and professional lives. Let's see how. More and more articles and books...


EXPLORATION ET INTÉGRATION "L'inconscient sait, le corps sent. Le mental est souvent trop occupé pour percevoir cette sagesse. C'est là...

The artist within

"Writing or painting and not sharing the result is like cooking a delicious meal and throwing it away” a great artist friend once told...

Our mission and activities

With my Horses, by La Via del Cavallo, is devoted to connecting and bridging different equestrian- and non equestrian traditions and ...

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