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Time for self care

We all have the source of healing in ourselves: sometimes we need external help to quick start the process, sometimes when we feel pulled in different directions at personal and professional levels, we need to pause and take time to ground, rest, take care of our health and get whole again with a better clarity of mind and purpose.

The responsibility of our wellness rests in our hands. One day of mindful, fully present pursuit of self care and wellbeing leads to relaxation, renewal and better health. On such a day we can adress the vital needs of the self, centering in a space that can become our refuge in peaceful surroundings.

Set the intention at the beginning of the day to commit and dedicate the day to your wellbeing. Surround yourself with what makes your heart smile: books, music, a cup of tea, flowers, warmth or a garden: it is our choice to decide what is best for us. Journal writing, spending time in nature or studying, painting and woodworking are also excellent for grounding and reaching a harmonious state.

The intention will transform the day of rest into a day of total self care and wellbeing, thanks to the awareness and the savouring of each moment. By allowing the inner needs of the body, heart and mind to come to the surface, we allow them to be acknowledged and replenished in accordance with the intention we had set at the beginning.

My horses are my tuning fork... the "diapason", the resonator that allows me to attune myself to my needs, my desires and the world that surrounds me. The feeling of attunement may last just a few seconds... but this wonderful and beneficial moment brings enhanced wellbeing and joy for a much longer time.

I invite you to take a moment to identify what is your own tuning fork and discover some interesting paths opening up to you.


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